Rules Of The Game Neil Strauss

The Stylelife Challenge – The Style Diaries

Rules Of The Game Neil Strauss - The Stylelife Challenge – The Style Diaries

Style Diaries

style diariesWant to continue with the crazy adventures in The Game by Neil Strauss? Then check out “The Style Diaries” section of The Rules of the Game. These outlandish tales continue all the fun with Style and the world’s best pick up artists while also offering some important lessons about what happens when you start getting more women — and sex — than you ever thought possible.

The Style Diaries

The majority of the eleven stories in “The Style Diaries” occurred during the time period that was documented in The Game. As Strauss writes, “These stories are less about getting the girl and more about the nature of desire itself.” Each story is accompanied by a given rule, a sort of takeaway.

For example, Chapter 3 Game is a Borderless State details Strauss’ adventures in Bangladesh where he picks up a woman who doesn’t even speak the same language. Without a single shared word, he managed to have an amazing tryst with a woman from a totally different cultural background. Many men think that the rules of the game don’t apply to them. “Oh, that would never work here” they sneer. Or, “Women are different where I live,” the say. And yet, many core tenets of attraction are universal. Yet, as this chapter proves, no matter the culture, no matter the language, some things just work.

Chapter 5 What You Perceive is Who You Are contains a sexually charged trip to Phoenix, a beat-up Corvette, and multiple sexual encounters. And it proves that self-identity and confidence is a defining factor in life.

In the foreboding and ominous introduction, Strauss writes that some of these adventures “should have never happened in the first place.” But as readers who love a good tale, and as students who want to improve their success with women, we’re glad they did. The “Style Diaries” section of Rules of the Game is required reading. Pick up your copy here: Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss

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