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Rules Of The Game Neil Strauss - The Stylelife Challenge – The Style Diaries

Rules Of The Game by Neil Strauss

rules of the game neil strauss The Rules of the Game is the book that took what people learned from Neil Strauss in The Game, defined concepts into easy-to-understand rules, and made it more accessible. Rather than just reading along with his exploits, his trials and tribulations, readers could follow a defined game plan to transform from average frustrated chump to world-class charmer. What’s more, The Rules of the Game made learning how to meet women fun, using an interactive 30-day process known at the Stylelife Challenge.

Rules of the Game – Start with a Challenge

At the beginning of The Rules of the Game, readers are asked to evaluate themselves. This provided a benchmark from which future progress could be measured. Those who engage the StyleLife Challenge are asked questions about what they think of themselves and how they believe others see them as they enter into the world of The Rules of the Game. Readers must also confront the limiting beliefs that are currently sabotaging their social life.

Setting Your Goals

The Rules of the Game sets small, attainable goals for the reader. It also encourages readers to set goals for themselves, something that begins on the second day of the Stylelife Challenge. The second day is also where you have to start pushing your own boundaries by calling up strangers and asking for movie recommendations. This is the point where readers know that The Rules of the Game is not a book like other books. It’s a workbook designed to turn you into the super you. Neil Strauss founded the Stylelife Academy to help men continue becoming their best self.

Looking at Yourself in New Ways

When you start the Stylelife Challenge, you need to start viewing yourself in new ways. This is the only way that long-term transformation is going to happen. This means making changes, including changes that are going to leave you feeling a little uncomfortable at first. Conquering approach anxiety, introducing yourself to women, starting conversations with strangers, flipping the frame where you get women chasing after you… these are all things that require new ways of looking at yourself. Remember: All personal growth happens outside of your comfort zone. The Stylelife Challenge in The Rules of the Game will help you to get there.

Who You Are Versus Who You Want to Be

Maybe you were always the guy who got picked last in gym class. Maybe you were always the guy who struck out with women. Maybe you were the guy who always ended up in the friend zone.

“Were” is the key word here. The Rules of the Game uses The Stylelife Challenge to transform you from the man that you are into the man that you want to be. Remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life. You want to be a high value man, the type of guy that women want and men want to be. The good news is that using The Rules of the Game, any man can become this type of man with the right level of perseverance and hard work.  Stop living the life of the old you and let the Stylelife Challenge transform you into the man that you’ve always wanted to be.

Learn New Skills

A lot of what you need when it comes to meeting and attracting women are skills. It’s not anything innate in you. Money, good looks, fast cars and big houses can help, but they aren’t the thing that’s going to make all the difference. What you need and what The Rules of the Game teaches you through the Stylelife Challenge are the skills that you need to start creating attraction, getting women to chase after you rather than the other way around and become the overall high value man that is lurking inside you.

Taking it to the Next Level

Once you learn how to start talking to women, you need to learn how to start taking it to the next level. How do you move from a quick opening line to the stuff that’s going to get her to come home with you tonight? The Stylelife Challenge will start getting you there toward the end of the 30-day period. This is one big reason why The Rules of the Game is different from any other book that you’ve read: It’s a powerfully transformative textbook for the modern man.

Evaluating Yourself at the End

Once you’ve gotten through The Rules of the Game, you need to evaluate yourself again. How did the Stylelife Challenge change you? What do you still need to work on?

Perhaps one of the best things about The Rules of the Game is that it allows you to gauge your own progress, look at where you still need to grow and become your own coach to a certain extent after everything is said and done.

Pick up The Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss and start yourself on the path to being the type of high value man that’s always lurked inside you.

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