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Rules Of The Game Neil Strauss - The Stylelife Challenge – The Style Diaries

About this Site

I couldn’t stop reading that book.

I was fascinated and embarrassed, but I just couldn’t stop reading that damned book.

I was as far away from Hollywood, high class nightclubs, magicians, and rockstars as you can get. Living in a small town in the Midwest, I was nothing similar to Rolling Stone writer Neil Strauss as you could get. At least, on the surface, I was nothing like him.

But deep down in my darkest secrets and fears, I was just like him.

I was petrified of women. I wanted to go out, have dates, have girlfriends, have sex, and do all the usual things men fantasize about. But I just couldn’t figure it out. Nothing I ever did seemed to work. And then a friend mentioned The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists to me. As I opened the cover, I immediately felt like the book was describing me. At times, it was frightening just how much this was my life. I devoured the book and re-read it numerous times. But as much as I learned from The Game, I wanted something that was a bit more concrete, something that was a bit more step-by-step.

So when Strauss released Rules of the Game, I rushed out and snatched up a copy on the day it was released. That book became my template, my standard operating procedure.

I launched this site to share the how-to details and steps in Rules of the Game with you. Obviously, you can read it yourself and I recommend it. But as a sort of companion, a kind of study guide if you will, this site will serve to share my own experiences changing my life with the strategies outlined in Rules of the Game

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